Kinzd Travel Cosmetic Bag Organizer Review

Makeup bags come in different sizes and shapes. Big or small, each has its own pros and cons.

I always prefer small makeup bags for everyday use, something that I could put in my handbags.

But when traveling, I always seek for one big makeup bag, one that could hold toiletry and makeup essentials. So rather than stuffing my things into two or three bags, one big makeup bag, with plenty of space and several compartments is much better.

The Kinzd Travel Cosmetic Bag Organizer

When Kinzd contacted me to offer me a travel cosmetic bag in return for a review, I was excited about how many products this bag would hold.

The brand, Kinzd, is a small company based in Hong Kong, specialized in manufacturing wallets, and makeup bags.

The organizer bag I received is:

  • Made of black Nylon Oxford (Jeanette).
  • Waterproof, easy clean, and anti-wrinkle.
  • Size: 9.53”x 6.69”x5.1” (24.20cm x 17cmx13cm)

The first thing that I noticed is that it does not smell like glue or synthetic cheap leather. In some other occasions, I bought leather products online, and I had once to put the bag in the air for a whole day to get rid of the bad smell that looked like glue or some sort of chemicals.

This makeup organizer is medium sized, even though it is referred to as a big bag, it consists of two main compartments, with additional pockets and slots in both of them.

Kinzd Travel Cosmetic Bag Organizer Review

The Top Main Compartment

The main zippered large compartment is wide enough to hold your cleanser, toner, and cream in full sizes, with a small separated internal zip pocket. Though I suggest that you take small sized jars and bottles when traveling, you could still put full-sized skincare products in this bag, and even your soniclear brush, Braun Silk-épil, or any other beauty essentials, since it is wide enough.

Kinzd Travel Cosmetic Bag Organizer Review

The wide-open mouth makes it easy to see all of your stuff, so you do not have to dig deep into the bag to find what you are looking for.

The Bottom Zippered Compartment

The bottom zippered pocket is divided into slots that are perfect for keeping your makeup and makeup brushes well organized and in place, which of course will save you time, and protect your brushes! The slots also come with plastic protectors to keep your brushes safe.

Kinzd Travel Cosmetic Bag Organizer Review

 The brushes’ slot is also detachable, so you could remove it and use whatever brushes and makeup you want with ease, and then put it back when you are done.

Kinzd Travel Cosmetic Bag Organizer Review

I tested the bag and found that you could put ten makeup brushes all at once. Amazing! Though no one would take that much on a trip, it is good to find that there is plenty of space for mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, etc.

Because the bag is wired-supported, this will make sure that it will keep its shape.

My Final Thoughts

Kinzd Travel Cosmetic Bag Organizer Review

It is good to have one travel bag organizer that could hold all of your stuff without the need to carry multiple bags and waste your time looking for your things here and there.

And because the bag is wired-supported, this will make sure that it will keep its shape.

The Kinzd travel makeup bag organizer is sturdy and easy to clean. All zippers are well made, and the handle on the side makes it easy for carrying or hanging.

If you like to keep things organized, this double layer makeup organizer with multiple compartments will do the job. You can purchase yours at Amazon.

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