Zenwise Labs Hair Growth Vitamins Review

Have you ever suffered from a hair loss problem? You are not alone!

If you read this post, you will know that I had a serious hair loss problem.

There are so many ways that could help, including a healthy diet, oiling your hair, and avoiding heat and chemicals. And even though I eat healthy food, I sometimes need an extra help. So I started taking multi-vitamins, and have already tried several brands.

While I am trying to find out what works best for me, I found that one of the best solutions to hair loss is biotin. Biotin helps induce growth of both hair and new skin cells, also, strengthen nails, which makes it a great all in one ingredient!

But what if you can have biotin and a list of essential multi-vitamins ALL in one bottle, guess this is your lucky day!

I had the chance to try ZenWise Labs Hair Growth Vitamins+ DHT Blocker; I received a full retail supply that is good for one month through BrandBacker.

For those who do not know ZenWise:

“ZenWise Labs is an online distributor of supplements designed to improve everyday life. Their Goal is to dramatically enhance the health of their customers through high quality products and excellent customer care. All of their products are Natural, Made in the USA, and GMP certified, to make sure that you’re getting the strength, composition, quality, and purity displayed on the label.”

ZenWise Labs Hair Growth Vitamins+ DHT Blocker Key ingredients include:ZenWise Labs Hair Growth Vitamins+ DHT BlockerBiotin, MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane), Grapeseed Extract, Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin , (Seed-Curcubita Pepo)(4:1), Gotu Kola (Herb-Centella Asiatica) (4:1) , Ginkgo Biloba (Leaf) , L-Lysine HCl, L-Proline, Kelp, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Nettle (Leaf-Urtica Dioica) Catalase, Resveratrol. In addition to a wide set of vitamins.

For three weeks, I took two capsules during breakfast. Since it contains other great value vitamins like A, B1, C, D3, …. it is an excellent way to start my day.

What I Liked About ZenWise Labs Hair Growth Vitamins+ DHT Blocker

  • Being natural is one major thing that I am always seeking for, and ZenWise Labs Hair Growth vitamins are all natural and contain a wide selection of vitamins that help to grow healthy thicker hair.
  • It contains DHT blocker. DHT causes hair loss by restricting blood supply to hair follicles, causing the follicles to eventually die and fall out. The body naturally converts testosterone into DHT, and a DHT blocker helps prevent this process from happening.
  • My weight increased by only 2 lbs. I have been skinny most of my life, and I follow a Mediterranean diet that is based on olive oil and vegetables. So, I don’t mind gaining a couple of pounds 😉
  • I noticed that my nails are stronger after taking the vitamins.
  • My hair is no longer falling out, and new baby hairs started to grow after three weeks of regular use.
  • Easy to take, once in the morning, and that’s it!
  • Zenwise Labs Hair Growth contains a wide variety of skin essentials like vitamin C, vitamin A, green tea extract, black tea extract, grape seeds extract, and more… which makes it a good option not only for your hair and nails but also for your skin.
  • Longer eyelashes in just two weeks!
  • It Includes 5000 mcg of Biotin.

ZenWise Labs Hair Growth Vitamins+ DHT Blocker

The only side effect is that it causes breakouts on my face, mainly on my forehead. I know that this is not a pleasant thing, but a good skincare routine will for sure clear your skin. So I use Soniclear along with vitamin C serum, and lactic acid peeler to keep things under control!

My Overall Experience with ZenWise Labs Hair Growth Vitamins+ DHT Blocker

Zenwise Health's Hair Growth Vitamins supplements

I am very happy with the results I got so far. Moreover, I am definitely going to continue taking ZenWise Labs Hair Growth Vitamins+ DHT Blocker (you can buy your own at Amazon ). My hair is now thicker, shinier and is growing faster than it used to. Also, my nails and eyelashes are stronger and growing faster, too.

It is a right combination of Biotin and other essential vitamins if you are looking for a dietary supplement with high value at a reasonable price.

You can also choose between a 1-month supply (60 capsules), and a 2-month supply (120 capsules). I prefer the second since this allows me to save money.

Over to You Now

Have you ever had hair loss problems? Have you ever taken hair dietary supplements? Tell me about it in the comments.

*Though the brand sent me this product for review, all opinions are my own, and completely based on my personal experience.

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